ZENITH 548/E Pastel Plier Staplers


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Pastel colours will always brighten up any dull task! These Italian-made staplers from Zenith aren't just cute, they are also professional-grade and super efficient- able to staple 30 sheets of paper at once! With its easy grip handle and anti-jamming function, you will never go back to any ordinary stapler again.

The Pastel version of the ZENITH 548/E is available in three modern nuances of colour combinations, pink, yellow and light blue.

These are scarcely saturated, non-metallic colours, that evoke the pastel hues of the 1950s, with a "super-matt" finish that conveys a "velvet-feel". 


Staple type
ZENITH Staples ref.
130/E - 130/Z
130 LM - 130/LL
 130/Z 6
Loading capacity (N. of staples) 100  100
Stapling capacity (N. of sheets - 80 g/mq)
Max. stapling depth (for paper insertion) 47mm     
Weight 240 g (net) / 285 g (gross, including a box of ZENITH staples ref. 130/E)
Loading system
rear loading, with extractable pusher
Patented anti-jamming device
The plier directions are on the back of the packaging