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GARIAN's partnership brands are all officially authourized. 


"APPREE is product company providing a variety of office supplies, based on Seoul, Korea and was established in 2008. We design small but special experience such as refreshing atmosphere of the mountain, mist, calm weather and lake felt in the nature and has always been developing small office products with an attitude of 'Learning from the Nature'."

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54 Celcius PyroPet


"The idea of PyroPet came to Thorunn while studying at the Royal College of Art in London in 2011. After exhibiting the cat candles (called “The Devil’s Pet” back then) in Milan and at her graduation show in London, they quickly gained a lot of attention on the internet. She joined forces with Dan Koval and they launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their little startup."


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PAPA Collection


"PAPA is a DIY living arts brand and a polygon art object that you can install on the wall. You can have fun and fulfilling experiences as you assemble a beautiful piece of art on your own that would make your space bright. Complete your own interior design that can stir up your imagination and artistic sensibility through PAPA."

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Half Artist


"Half Artist is a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire, guide and motivate people to live an organic lifestyle. A simple and organic lifestyle means a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to encourage people to live in an organic way, by providing the finest quality of organic skin care, hair and body products. We use the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients with proven safety information."

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"Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Founder Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in 2000. Since then, she has shared her passion for creative ways of keeping the home in a mode of constant change with people all across the globe. Along the way Betina’s husband, Simon Stampe, became CEO and Bloomingville has in the past 15 years grown into one of the main global brands for home interior.

Despite the massive popularity and growth the Bloomingville mission has stayed the same: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers. This mission is made possible by a wide selection of fashionable products, reasonable prices, good quality and a high service level."

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All The Ways To Say

All the ways to Say is a specialized paper goods brand based in France, founded in 2015 by Claire Leina, an illustrator, art director, and young mom. She develops original collections, works on the color and designs combinations, and focus on the highest quality materials available to create the finest products.

À L'aise


À L'aise is a luxury stationery, leather goods and calligraphy brand based in London. 

À L'aise was founded in London in 2015 by Suzie; born out of her fascination with high quality paper and design. She set about creating a minimalist luxury stationery and leather goods brand, with a focus on timeless design and an emphasis on quality.

Carefully chosen papers are used to create our iconic greeting cards. Traditionally foil printed labels are placed onto the contemporary patterned cards before being paired with luxurious coloured envelopes.


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P D PAOLA’s style and brand DNA are mixed with the latest trends to create genuine and exclusive jewelry, completing the image of the contemporary women with elegance and character.

Our jewels are trendy accessories with self-identity that goes above and beyond.

We know and understand that quality products can be achieved with affordable price tags. We also recognise that our customers share this idea.


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