Our Packaging and Sustainability

Whenever you shop online from us, we at Garian take the greatest care to make sure your order is delivered to you safely. On the other hand, we also try our best to keep the carbon footprint of our packaging as low as possible. That’s why we reuse packaging materials from suppliers and use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging that reduces impact on the environment.
Garian Packaging and Sustainability

What do you use to wrap my items?

We use leftover packaging materials from our suppliers to wrap your products. Once we run out of these, we wrap your items in Geami WrapPak, a type of kraft paper that expands into a 3D honeycomb structure. The interlocking structure prevents your items from friction and impact, and also reduces the use of adhesive tape as it can be wrapped up neatly on its own.
Compared to bubble paper, Geami WrapPak paper is biogradeable, recyclable and offers the same functions and amount of protection!
To keep your order packed tightly and protected, you'll find some delicate items such as glass candles, tableware or perfume wrapped in more layers for some extra protection.
Garian Packaging Geami WrapPak


How about the packing inserts?

To make sure your products stay in place, we reuse as much packaging materials from our suppliers as possible, including the crucial packing inserts. From bubble wraps, paper, cardboard to packing peanuts, they are used to fill up empty spaces in the box and secure the products.
Unlike traditional packing peanuts that is made out of styrofoam, our suppliers, such as Feldspar and Baggu, opted for eco-friendly packing peanuts that are water-soluble so you can easily dispose of them by dissolving them in water! They're also made of wheat and cornstarch, so they are toxin-free and decompose quickly even if they end up at a landfill.
Garian Packaging Insert

Before you throw the packaging out...read this!

By reusing the supplier's packing materials, their life cycle is extended and less waste is produced. Before you throw out the paper or packing peanuts of your Garian package, why not save them until you need to send something fragile or need to move homes? You can save the cost on packaging materials and the environment at the same time! If you decide to throw out the packaging, make sure they are properly disposed at the recycling bins!

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