Wood Memo Block


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When you leave a few words with the person next to you, instead of digital note written with your computer, you can pass your warm heart with handwriting memo.  You can put this memo pad on your desk and use it anytime freely, when you write down the schedule for today and take a simple message. 

 This is the Pocket memo, feeling the texture of the wood seemed like just had been chopped from the Red pine tree. 

Giving a feeling of reality with the patterns of each side connected naturally,
it was made with uncoated paper so that you can feel a similar texture of trimmed wood.

It contains 120 sheets with 100g/m² vellum paper which is a little more thicker than general A4 paper.

Material / Paper
Size / Patterned paper x 120 sheets  /  70 x 74 mm
Count / 120 sheets