Teak Wood Cutlery Teaspoon

Teak Wood

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Teak wood is characterized by the natural beauty and light texture of wood.
Compared to metal cutlery, it is easier to eat from cold desserts to hot soups, and the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes.
Made by skilled craftsmen,
A warm item that cannot be tasted with mass-produced products using machines.
It's a wonderful series that fits in with your daily life.


Teak wood used as an excellent high-class material.
Because the hard and tough material is durable and water resistant and contains natural oil components,
It is durable without the need for oil or varnishing.
It is also said to be resistant to dryness and pests.
This series is made using the scraps produced during sawing.
We do not cut down trees to make products.

Size: W6 x L11.5cm

Material: Wood 

Made in Thailand