Obvious | UNE FLEUR D'ORANGER Perfume 100ML


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Obvious | UNE FLEUR D'ORANGER Perfume (Eau De Parfum)

Soft and sensual like a summer afternoon.
A sunny and generous fragrance that reminds us of summer “farniente” and exalts the beauty of Citrus, mythical fruits that populate history. A dive into the Mediterranean heart, from the Cypriot tangerine, cradle of Venus, to the Italian bergamot, and of course the neroli of the Tunisian coast. Finally, the bigarade orange and the sweet orange from the Mediterranean coast of Spain remind us of the pomp and elegance of the Queen of Castile. A great classic of perfumery!

Fragrance Notes

Citrus/ Floral
Mandora BergamotOrange Blossom

Top | Mandora/ Italian Bergamot/ Orange Bigarade/ Sweet Orange
Heart | Petit Grain/ Petit Grain Lemon Tree essence/ Tunisian Neroli essence
Base | Madagascar Ginger/ Orange Blossom

Perfumer: Anne-Sophie Behaghel (Flair)

Personalize your perfume with layering
To create a unique fragrance that matches your mood, or your outfit, you can combine OBVIOUS fragrances with each other. For a successful signature, we recommend using two fragrances.

Here are our fragrance suggestions for associations with Une Fleur d’Oranger.

  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Une Verveine = The orange blossom becomes vegetal, almost like the small grain, sparkling and powerful
  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Une Vanille = Vanilla gives an oriental pastry side, amber and warm to the perfume
  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Un Musc = The musk brings a vegetal facet to the orange blossom, mixed it becomes a musky Cologne
  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Un Bois = The Wood brings power to Une Fleur d’Oranger, a skin scent. The orange blossom becomes more expressive and gains in trail.

See more details for the Obvious Pairing Guide from here!

Product Details

  • Size: 100ML
  • Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Water (Aqua), D-Limonene, Linalool, Citral.
  • Origin: France 

See the Fragrance 101 to learn more about Perfume Types!

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About Obvious Parfums
Obvious Parfums was created as part of the quest for new olfactory elegance and a new understanding of luxury: a luxury embedded in simplicity which takes environmental issues into account, an essential component.
David Frossard from France has spent more than twenty years developing creator-driven perfumes. These perfumes are modern, reflecting a society made up of new consumers who are aware of the world around them, exacting with the products they purchase and looking for distinctive fragrances.

The perfumes also match today’s wardrobes and lifestyles: simple, high-quality, original and casual.

Less is more… This is Obvious!