TORCH Mountain Coffee Dripper


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The Mountain Dripper is a flat-bottomed pour over dripper designed and made in Japan. It comes with an untreated white ash wooden donut shaped holder.

The dripper has a simple matte white finish which makes it easy to clean. The 2 grooves and 4 holes of the dripper helps regulate the flow of water, you can also have an even and consistent extraction from the flat-bottomed design. This results in a full-bodied, jammy, sweet coffee with strong, clean and rich flavors.

The name “Mountain” comes from the design of an upside-down mountain, when placed in your cupboard or shelf, it resembles a mountain covered in snow.

The Mountain Dripper works well with both pointed and flat cone filter papers, and fold according to the manual.

Fits: Kalita Wave 155 filters, cone type (Hario V01 or Kono 1-2 filters), and fan shaped (Kalita 02 or Melitta 02) filters with 2 folds along the seams. 

We do recommend the use of wave filters, but it all depends on your own style and practice. 


  • Designer: Takayuki Nakabayashi (TORCH)
  • Dripper Size: W90mm x D90mm x H70mm
  • Donut board Size: W110mm x D110mm x H10mm
  • Box Size: W120mm x D120mm x H100mm
  • Material: Mino-yaki porcelain and white ash wood
  • Made in Japan

* The glass server in the photo is not included.