Mihan Aromatics Munlark Ash Oil Parfum 8ML

Mihan Aromatics

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Mihan Aromatics Munlark Ash Oil Parfum 8ML

Resinous, Cleansing, Nostalgic, Arboreal
Deep roots in undisturbed land. Creaking and creek lined. Gasps of crushed fir needles. A balsam of dense blue cypress and tree sap. A remedy of morning air inhaled deeply. Evergreen botanicals that mimic the quietness of first light. Ancient flowering trees and woods who graciously lend their oils for revival.

Fragrance Notes

Dry Wood
BergamotFir NeedleCypress

Top | Bergamot, Black Pepper
Heart |  Fir Needle, Tree Sap
Base | Australian Blue Cypress, Vetiver, Frankincense 

Product Details

  • Size: 8ML
  • Origin: Australia

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Mihan Aromatics

Mihan Aromatics is an Australian brand, founded by Julia Brown and Joshua Mihan. For the past 10 years, they have been thoughtfully noting evocative aromas in their lives. Inhaling them, not just as a creative partnership, but also as a couple. A formidable duet collecting their contemporary Australian experience; distilling it into scent.
Familial scents that rise to the occasion. Strategic underlining for all matters of character. Aromas that conjure heartache, hubris and harmony.