Light Green Basket


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Weaving together timeless Nordic design and traditional Kenyan handcraft.

XS - height 16 cm, diameter 15 cm

S - height 21 cm, diameter 24 cm

L - height 40 cm, diameter 35 cm

Small baskets are perfect for storing just about anything - use them as bread basket, bathroom basket or kitchen utensil basket.

Large size baskets can be used to store magazines, newspapers, quilts or pillows, or as a toy basket or laundry basket! 


Each unique item is work of hands and hearts: beautiful, extremely durable and easy to keep clean. Mifuko collaborates with over 600 Kenyan female artisans to create these beautiful and durable baskets. Every Kiondo basket is signed by the woman who has made it, this way every basket carries the store of its maker.

Material: Sisal and recycled plastic.

Care instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth or rinse with water. Do not rub. Let dry.

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