Kiwi Card

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奇異果賀卡。信封是英國著名造紙品牌G.F Smith的。

  • 350 gsm FSC 認可紙張
  • Die Cut, 空白背面
  • G.F Smith 信封
  • 英國諾森伯蘭郡製造

Zingy kiwi burst! This is a cool wedge of a kiwi fruit which can stand folded up like a wedge, lie flat as a cross section of the fruit or as a slice folded up. 

This kiwi fruit greetings card is designed with gradients and texture to mirror the actual textures and blushing hues seen in a kiwi. You can even spot the black flecks that you see in a kiwi fruit in this card. Delish!

Each kiwi card comes pair with a Colorplan Pistachio GF Smith Envelope.

  • Happily Made In: Northumberland, UK

  • Size: A6

  • Paper: 350gsm FSC accredited paper

  • Card: Blank inside

  • Envelope: Pistachio GF Smith Colorplan Envelope

  • Designer's Random Fact: The Kiwi fruit was originally called the Chinese Gooseberry. Since the appearance of the kiwi fruit reassembles the kiwi bird, with it’s brown furry body, the New Zealanders subsequently renamed the fruit Kiwi fruit. Our favourite way of eating a kiwi fruit is when it’s served on a pavlova! Sweet tooth calling.