Iris Hantverk Toilet Paper Holder

Iris Hantverk

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Toilet paper holder in birch and soft concrete. Soft Concrete is a unique material, by adding a small addition of polymer (plastic) it becomes three times as elastic as normal concrete. Soft Concrete is not so soft that it can be bent, it's still a stone material but it has a pleasant feeling to it. It feels warm, soft and comfortable. It contains no environmentally harmful substances. Soft Concrete is cast of a relatively viscous mass that causes the surface to receive a varying smoothness and air bubbles occurs naturally. The irregularity color variations contributes to the vibrant impression.

Product Details


Vikt 688 gram
Längd 41.5 cm
Diameter 13.5 cm

Materials: Oiltreated birch, Soft concrete

About Iris Hantverk
Iris Hantverk’s beautiful brushes are handmade by skilled and visually impaired craftsmen in Stockholm. They use traditional techniques and natural materials to produce these Scandinavian household products.