Grapefruit Card

I Am A

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西柚賀卡。信封是英國著名造紙品牌G.F Smith的。

  • 350 gsm FSC 認可紙張
  • Die Cut, 空白背面
  • G.F Smith 信封
  • 英國諾森伯蘭郡製造

Vitamin C? This is a juicy wedge of grapefruit bursting with juicy goodness which can stand folded up like a wedge, lie flat as a cross section of the fruit or as a slice folded up.

This grapefruit card is designed with gradients and texture to mirror the actual textures, hues and bits and pieces (yes! pips included) found in a grapefruit. These cards are paired with beautiful candy pink GF Smith Colorplan envelopes.

When the grapefruit was first discovered in Barbados, it was once considered a “Forbidden Fruit”. Woah!

Each grapefruit card comes pair with a GF Smith Colorplan Candy Pink envelope. Lush!

  • Happily Made In: Northumberland, UK

  • Size: A6

  • Paper: 350gsm FSC accredited paper

  • Card: Blank inside

  • Envelope: Candy Pink GF Smith Colorplan Envelope

  • Designer's Random Fact: Pink grapefruit is a hybrid fruit that is crossed between a sweet orange and a pomelo. Grapefruit is one of our favourite citrus especially when we have a cold and need a top up of vitamins! Send your mate a fruity top up! If you like to bake, we suggest this super yummy Grapefruit Yoghurt Cake by Smitten Kitchen, it’s a real treat for afternoon tea. Yum!