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Glass Cup frosted is made by using the heat-resistant glass borosilicate glass with lamp working technique.
Made of heat-resistant glass, it can hold hot drinks as well as cold drinks.
It can be used comfortably with its neat and concise shape and moderate thickness of glass.
The translucent texture of Glass Cup frosted adds a static and soft atmosphere to the tabletop.

Product Details:

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size : Ø 120 x H 85 (mm)

Capacity: 270ml

Origin: Korea

About clear b

"clear b" designs everyday objects, and all products are handmade in cooperation with Korean artisans and craftsmen. The design of 'clear b' focuses on the 'time' and 'space' in which the object will be used and the atmosphere that encompasses that 'time' and 'space'. They propose the design that gives your space full of beauty and hope that you can feel the satisfaction of various senses with the products.