Book Darts

Book Darts

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More than a bookmark - a tool for better reading

Hold That Thought!
• Place Dart at exact line in any book, close book, push in with thumb
• Mark important facts, quotes and ideas for near-instant "re-call"
• Librarian-approved! Avoid highlighting, underlining & sticky notes Better Reading

Makes Better Thinking 
• We say "Lege Serio-Read Like you Mean It!"
• Read with a Dart in hand to encourage active thinking
• Absorb and savor more of what you read

Read It, Find It, Then Share The Love!
• Remind yourself of what you've read, and why you treasured it Keep in place for future readers (leave a mental legacy)
• Return books with a few Darts in place to share your discoveries

Made in the USA

Keep away from small children