BALLON Sachet Ornament - Balloon


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The sachets are shaped like old European iconography and labels, giving vintage and retro vibes.

An original blend of natural herbs and essential oils with insect repellent and aromatic properties that has a clean and refreshing scent. 
From fabric printing to sewing, everything is made in Japan.
You may use it in your bag, drawer, closet, shoe box, etc.

Size with Package: W:150mm H210mm
Weight: 20g

Material: 100% Cotton, Natural Dry Herb, Essential Oil
Herb Blend: Lavender / Lemongrass / Peppermint



BALLON is a Japanese brand specialized in scents and bath accessories. Established in 2019, BALLON is dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere of aroma combined with the timeless elegance of antiques. 

Handcrafted in Tokyo, BALLON creates plaster aroma ornaments, providing a personal aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in BALLON's sensory experience, elevate your surroundings and invoke a sense of wonder in your daily life.