BALLON Flower Aroma Ornament - White Hydrangea


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Decorate with fragrance as you would with flowers.

BALLON's Flower Aroma ornament features dried hydrangeas in an antique-style vase bottle made of plaster. Hydrangea flowers symbolizes gratitude, grace and beauty. It makes a perfect gift or home decor!

The white hydrangea set includes "Matsurica" scent, a blend of jasmine and herb.  Add a few drops to the plaster vase and let the fragrance diffuse among your surroundings. 

Size : W50mm H150mm D40mm
Box: φ80mm D165mm 
Scent: "MATSURICA" 5ml



BALLON is a Japanese brand specialized in scents and bath accessories. Established in 2019, BALLON is dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere of aroma combined with the timeless elegance of antiques. 

Handcrafted in Tokyo, BALLON creates plaster aroma ornaments, providing a personal aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in BALLON's sensory experience, elevate your surroundings and invoke a sense of wonder in your daily life.