BALLON Apothecary Aroma Room and Fabric Spray - Herbal Blend


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BALLON's Herbal Blend Aroma Room and Fabric Spray is an effective and versatile solution for a clean and fresh environment. This specially gentle and non-toxic formulated spray offers a range of benefits.

  • Original Aroma Blend
    The Herbal Blend has a refreshing aroma of fresh herbal notes consisting of 100% natural essential oils that purifies the air. Essential oil includes the following:
    • Eucalyptus Radiata
      High antibacterial, antiviral, and invigorating effects.
    • Lavender
      Antibacterial, antiviral action and relaxing effect.
    • Rosemary
      Purifying effect on air and effect on vitality and motivation
    • Peppermint
      Highly refreshing and cool aroma, stimulates concentration and gives new inspiration.

  • Effective and Award-Winning
    This spray includes antibacterial and antiviral properties with deodorizing effects.  It has been recognized internationally and received the highest evaluation at a prestigious cosmetics exhibition in Europe.
  • Safe and Gentle
    The gentle formula is free from alcohol, preservatives, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, colorants, and additives. It is non-toxic and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Easy to Use
    Simply shake to transform the liquid into a spray or use it as a gel without shaking.

  • Versatile
    Use it on various surfaces such as room, beddings, and clothes to prevent viruses, pollen, and maintain cleanliness. 

Use BALLON's Aroma Room and Fabric Spray for refreshing and sanitising your living space with a soothing and calming aroma. 

Fragrance: Herbal Blend
Capacity: 150ml 




BALLON is a Japanese brand specialized in scents and bath accessories. Established in 2019, BALLON is dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere of aroma combined with the timeless elegance of antiques. 

Handcrafted in Tokyo, BALLON creates plaster aroma ornaments, providing a personal aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in BALLON's sensory experience, elevate your surroundings and invoke a sense of wonder in your daily life.