BALLON Apothecary Aroma Bath Salt - Esperanza


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Discover BALLON Apothecary Aroma Bath Salt: Esperanza.

A tranquil blend of Himalayan rock salt sourced from the world's highest mountain range and herbs and aromas from around the globe. The bath salt is organic, preservative-free, with a formula that is gentle on the skin. Himalayan salts are precious and rare, extremely rich in minerals that are originated form the deep sea since 350 million years ago.

Experience and enjoy the blessings of the nature, immerse yourself in a luxurious, spa-like bath, enriching both body and soul during your daily bathing routine.


Fragrance: Esperanza

A warm and courageous scent, waiting for the light of new hope.(Frankincense/Juniper/Patchouli/Lemongrass/Ginger/Eucalyptus/Marjoram)

  • 390g
  • Transfer an appropriate amount (about a small amount in the palm of your hand) and place in the bathtub.




BALLON is a Japanese brand specialized in scents and bath accessories. Established in 2019, BALLON is dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere of aroma combined with the timeless elegance of antiques. 

Handcrafted in Tokyo, BALLON creates plaster aroma ornaments, providing a personal aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in BALLON's sensory experience, elevate your surroundings and invoke a sense of wonder in your daily life.