APFR Apotheke Fragrance Candle

APFR Apotheke Fragrance

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APFR Apotheke Fragrance Candle

Treat yourself to a uniquely luxe candle experience! APFR's candles are carefully handcrafted from high-quality ingredients, one at a time, to ensure superior quality. Choose from a wide selection of scents to match your mood or occasion. Let the warmth and aroma of these candles accompany your daily routines from start to finish, creating a tranquil atmosphere uniquely yours. Let these special candles be part of your life!


Fragrance Notes


24K Rose
Rose / Lily / Lavender / Oakmoss / Marigold

A bright floral green scent blended with the freshness of young leaves and the sweetness of flowers. 

Blue Hour
Lychee / Jasmine / Ginger / Black pepper / Musk / Amber

The word “blue hour” refers to a mysterious period of time in which the sky fades in blue before sunrise and sunset. This floral aroma has a refreshing lychee top note with an accent of ginger and pepper.

Tears Rain
White grapefruit / Rose / Carnation / Lily / Jasmine / Tuberose / Cyclamen / Violet / Sandalwood

Tears Rain is musk based aroma. It’s an elegant and refined scent features a soft floral aroma which brings you a pleasant feeling.



Oakmoss & Amber
Sage / Orange / Grapefruit / Rose / Lavender / Herb / Oakmoss / Amber / Tonka beans

This genderless scent has a base of woody musk blended with oakmoss, amber, tonka beans, and herbs like sage and lavandin.

White Tea
Bergamot / Lavender / Thyme / Mandarin / Ylang-ylang / Jasmine

The aroma brings both freshness and sweetness with an accent of jasmine.



Clove/ Ginger/ Jasmine/ Nutmeg/ Sandalwood/ Vanila

It’s a spicy and woody scent blended with sandalwood, nutmeg, clove, ginger, jasmine, and vanilla.



Anise/ Fig/ Orris/ Vanilla/ Violet leaves

A base aroma of fresh, ripe figs and the refreshing spiciness of anise, known as a medicinal herb since ancient times, blended with the rich green of violet leaves and the soft sweetness of sensual vanilla. An enchanting, deep, unisex oriental fragrance.

Cedarwood/  Davana/  Fig/  Grapefruit/  Marigold/  Orange/ Patchouli

The fruity green scent of figs.  

Apple/ Chamomile/ Coriander/ Lychee/ Mandarin/ Peach/ Plum/ Rose/ Sandalwood

A floral fruity scent with freshness and purity, from the marine/ozone family.


Soft Amber

Ambrette Seed/ Cardamom/ Cedarwood Alaska/ Cedarwood virginia/ Cinnamon/ Clove/ Cypress/ Labdanum/ Rose/ Sandalwood/ Vanilla/ Ylang Ylang

A spicy wood scent inspired by the temple in Shambhala, the holy city of the legendary underground metropolis of Agartha. The spicy, intense fragrance blends harmoniously with mysterious oriental spices, soft sweet ambrette seed, ylang-ylang, and graceful aromatic woods.


Product Details

Every one of candle is carefully hand-poured at our atelier focusing on high-quality and small-lot production system. Glass Jar Candle is fragrance candle made from 100% organic soy wax.  Its natural-material feeling package design is suitable for the gift, interior items.

  • Size: 190G
  • Burn time: Up to 45 hours
  • Size: H 102mm, D 72mm / Box size: H 107mm, W 77mm, D 77mm
  • Ingredients: 100% vegetable Eco  Soy wax, Cotton wick
  • Origin: Japan

See the Candle Care Blog to ensure candle quality and longevity.

*For international customers, please note that we might not be able to send this product internationally, please contact us before purchasing if you are interested.  

About APFR Apotheke Fragrance
Apotheke Fragrance is a Japanese handmade fragrance brand. All products are produced, blended, packed and shipped by hand in their studio located in Chiba, Japan.

"Apotheke" derives from German, a similar meaning to "pharmacy". Founder Keita Sugasawa hopes that the fragrances he created would be stay true to customer's lifestyles, and customers would prescribe scents for their everyday lives.

A total of more than 40 scents are blended by hand with loads of trial and errors. Garian has chosen a few of our favourite scents for our customers, product ranges from candles, diffusers, room sprays, incense sticks and fragrance oils.