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A. N. Other WD/18 Perfume(Parfum)
A fragrance created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses by Patricia Bilodeau. Created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses, this perfume utilizes the tranquil and nourishing qualities of sandalwood to enhance concentration and awaken intuition. An infusion of lush, effervescent pear at the top adds a distinct uplifting quality and an unmistakably modern appeal.

Fragrance Notes

SandalwoodPear SparkleRich Orris

Top | Pear Sparkle, Cardamom Spice, Violet Leaves
Heart | Rich Orris, Cypress, Amyris
Base | Sandalwood, Blonde Cedar, Vetiver Madagascar

Perfumer: Patricia Bilodeaul
Patricia Bilodeau discovered she had a passion for scent at a very young age, but the realization that she wanted to pursue a career in perfumery came gradually.
Though she has a long list of interests outside of work, including yoga and meditation, it is cooking that has the most influence on her work as a perfumer. 

Representative Work: Jo Malone Red Roses

Product Details

  • Size: 7.5ML / 50ML / 100ML
  • Origin: United States

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About A. N. OTHER
A. N. OTHER is a unisex luxury fragrance brand. The collection is created by first-class perfumers, offering them the opportunity to create their dream fragrances without having to worry about costs or commerciality. Perfumes are made with luxurious and exceptional ingredients and are of the highest quality. Instead of investing in advertising, marketing or cover stories, A. N. Other puts all its efforts into the perfume bottle - making high quality, gender-neutral and clean perfumes. A. N. Other also stands for a better, greater environment, all ingredients are sourced ethically and the packaging is sustainable.