A. N. Other WD/18 Perfume

A. N. Other



A fragrance created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses by Patricia Bilodeau. 

Created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses, this perfume utilizes the tranquil and nourishing qualities of sandalwood to enhance concentration and awaken intuition. An infusion of lush, effervescent pear at the top adds a distinct uplifting quality and an unmistakably modern appeal.

Top: Pear Sparkle / Cardamom Spice / Violet Leaves

Heart: Rich Orris / Cypress / Amyris

Base: Sandalwood / Blonde Cedar / Vetiver Madagascar


Perfumer: Patricia Bilodeau

Patricia Bilodeau discovered she had a passion for scent at a very young age, but the realization that she wanted to pursue a career in perfumery came gradually.

“I began as a perfumer by accident. I took a Summer position in a fragrance lab back when I was in high school. I kept coming back every summer and eventually decided that it was what I wanted to do,” she says.

Though she has a long list of interests outside of work, including yoga and meditation, it is cooking that has most influence on her work as a perfumer. “I like novel combinations and I like trying to do things that haven’t been done before”, she states. “In both fields you need to experiment with combinations of ingredients to truly know whether they work together.”


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