A. N. Other Travel Set Perfume

A. N. Other

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A. N. Other Travel Set Perfume(Parfum)

Discover the entire A.N. Other collection with 7.5ml vials of each scent.

Small and handy, with great fragrance content, bring it everywhere daily, and the whole set when you travel. 

Fragrance Notes

FL/18 Perfume 7.5ML

Floral/ Leather
Cotton CandyNight Blooming JasmineAged Leather
Top | Cotton Candy, Elemi, Saffron
Heart | Brazilian Mate, Night Blooming Jasmine, Ambrette
Base | Aged Leather,  Cashmere Musk, Labdanum, Amberwood

FR/18 Perfume 7.5ML

Gin & TonicMadagascar GingerMetallic Musk

Top | Melon Pop Rocks, Grapefruit Zest, Gin & Tonic
Heart | Juniper, Madagascar Ginger, Aromatic Lavender
Base | Chilled Amberwood, Metallic Musk

OR/18 Perfume 7.5ML

DriftwoodVanilla CrèmBlood Orange

Top | Blood Orange, Star Anise, Lemon Sugar
Heart | Chinese Camellia, Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish Rose
Base | Vanilla Crème, Tonka, Driftwood

WD/18 Perfume 7.5ML

SandalwoodPear SparkleRich Orris

Top | Pear Sparkle, Cardamom Spice, Violet Leaves
Heart | Rich Orris, Cypress, Amyris
Base | Sandalwood / Blonde Cedar / Vetiver Madagascar

WF/20 Perfume 7.5ML

French Rose Skin Musk

Top | Bergamot, Ambrette Absolute, Saffron Blossom
Heart | French Rose, Pomegranate, Peony
Base | Patchouli Coeur, Suede, Skin Musk

Product Details

  • Size: 7.5ML X5
  • Origin: United States

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*For international customers, please note that we might not be able to send this product internationally, please contact us before purchasing if you are interested.

About A. N. OTHER
A. N. OTHER is a unisex luxury fragrance brand. The collection is created by first-class perfumers, offering them the opportunity to create their dream fragrances without having to worry about costs or commerciality. Perfumes are made with luxurious and exceptional ingredients and are of the highest quality. Instead of investing in advertising, marketing or cover stories, A. N. Other puts all its efforts into the perfume bottle - making high quality, gender-neutral and clean perfumes. A. N. Other also stands for a better, greater environment, all ingredients are sourced ethically and the packaging is sustainable.