Lambwolf LIVE LONG Dog-Friendly Essential Oil Blend

Lambwolf Collective

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Restoring and Healing

LIVE LONG is a powerful blend formulated with the king and queen of essential oils, Frankincense and Rose. It helps to promote overall health and well-being for you and your dog, and its woody aroma with floral undernotes is exceptional in eliminating odour.

Frankincense essential oil was found to not only reduce inflammation (which promotes a healthy gut) but also reduces small intestinal injury. It can help dogs suffering from allergies and discomfort relating to their food too.

Rose essential oil creates a calming, uplifting environment, and is highly recommended for dogs recovering from emotional trauma, illness, or injury. 


FRANKINCENSE (India) [Key Note], ROSE (Bulgaria), SANDALWOOD (India), LAVENDER (France), MYRRH (Somalia), HELICHRYSUM (Italy)


Therapeutic essential oils are powerful botanical medicines that can fight bacteria, viruses, and inflammation. They help to manage stress, promote relaxation and our all-natural blends are specifically formulated for an easy and safe introduction to our furry friends.


Mix 10 to 20 drops of oils to a 2oz spray bottle filled with distilled water. Use 1% dilution for XS-S dogs, 2% dilution for M-L dogs. Always start with a more mild blend to introduce the scent to your dog.
All of Lambwolf essential oils are free of synthetics, cruelty-free, dog-friendly and conform to IFRA standards. 10ml net weight. Dilute to use.

About Lambwolf Collective

Lambwolf Collective is a renowned US pet lifestyle brand established in December 2021. Their philosophy revolves around the simple yet profound idea of "Let dogs be dogs." The brand creates a collection of interactive play objects that not only bring joy and excitement to dogs but also to human owners during playtime, engaging your dog’s mind and body.

With a mission to enhance the quality of life for furry family members, Lambwolf Collective designs beautiful and functional products that cater to the needs of contemporary pet owners. Aesthetically appealing with soothing colour palettes, superior fabric quality and strong attention to detail reflects their love and care for both dogs and owners.