Apotheke Fragrance Closet Tag

Apotheke Fragrance



Remove the item from its package, hang it in the desired space
(e.g. room, vehicle, closet, entryway, locker, bathroom) , and
enjoy the scent produced.


Oakmoss & Amber
Sage / Orange / Grapefruit / Rose / Lavender / Herb / Oakmoss / Amber / Tonka beans

A clean fragrance that combines citrus with amber notes that mesh well with oakmoss. Citrus provides the ascendant aroma, followed by herbs such as sage and lavender. Finally, the blend reveals oakmoss, amber, and tonka bean. A hallway overlooking the sea, a dry breeze brushing sand-colored walls, a fragrance wafting through a living room in Villa Agave, Mykonos.

Osmanthus (Seasonal Limited)

A lingering fresh sweetness like an osmanthus swaying and spreading its fragrance in the autumn breeze. This fragrance is a blend of the refreshing sweetness of jasmine and citrus, the rich and deeply floral notes of dried apricot, and the earthy, woody base of clove and sandalwood.

Made in Japan 
Period: One Month; however, this may vary depending on the actual environment
Size: 90mm x 210mm