SABRE Paris Bistrot Teak 4 Pieces Set


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The Bistrot collection draws inspiration from treasured restaurants, terraces and cafés. Its styling is simplistic and provides a modern spin, the rivets are visible, while the colours and materials stand out nicely. The glossy finish is both traditional and contemporary. 

The SABRE 4-piece sets includes a soup spoon, a dinner fork, a dinner knife and a teaspoon. This 4-piece set offers the perfect combination for your day-to-day meals.



Stainless steel 18/10 - Teakwood handle



Soup Spoon 22cm
Dinner Fork 22cm
Dinner Knife 24cm
Teaspoon 16cm



The Bistrot collection is dishwasher safe at 45° maximum. Remember to open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle. When washing by hand, we recommend that you do not use abrasive sponges.
If small rings appear on the knife blades, they can be easily removed with a soft cloth and/or white vinegar.
For cutlery with light-coloured handles, avoid prolonged contact with foods that stain (coffee, tea, tomato sauce, etc.).


About SABRE Paris

“More than utensils, SABRE Paris cutlery is designed as real decorative objects.”

SABRE Paris, a family-owned cutlery brand founded in Paris, France, 1993. With a passion for creativity and craftsmanship, the brand has been revolutionizing the tableware industry in their own approach for over 30 years. 

Their flatware, designed as ‘beautiful objects’ and ‘practical utensils’, combining utility and delightful joy. With a commitment to both form and function, SABRE Paris designs its cutlery as real decorative objects, inviting customers to explore their own unique style.

Rejecting traditional conventions, SABRE Paris reinvents tablewares into playful collections. By blending colors and patterns, from vibrant hues to softer tones, creating a new kind of dining experience.