Xmas Gift Set | Small Glass Incense Burner + Palo Santo

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Create shared moments of joy with thoughtful homeware gifts!

This is a series of incense burners manufactured by lamp working technique using borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant glass. With the concept of 'meditation', this product focuses on the 'time' and 'place' used as well as the basic functions. As users watch the incense burn and burn with a clear glass incense burner, it is special in that you can enjoy the time of meditation not only by smell but also visually.

The incense burners are designed in the shape of a bowl so that the ashes naturally gather. After burning incense, you can feel the aftertaste of the incense through the collected ashes.

The Bodha Ritual Incense with Clear b Incense Burner would be a prefect combination to enjoy your relaxing day.

Product Details

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size : Ø 80 x H 40 (mm)

Made in Korea.

Origin: Korea.


Sustainably sourced and ethically wildcrafted Palo Santo sticks from Peru.

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) vary in their aromatic nuances depending on their particular geo-regional source. This Palo Santo has “Spicier” notes of citrus, mint and diesel. Used for aromatherapy, meditation and cleansing.

When burned, uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of the environment, inspires creativity and attracts positive energy.

How to use:

  1. Light a palo santo stick with a candle, lighter, or match.
  2. Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Let the stick burn for 30 seconds, Palo Santo may need to be re-lit accordingly.
  4. Blow out the flame. Place the stick in a heatproof dish to let it burn.
  5. Use with caution and keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable material.

Each bundle contains approximately 50 grams, around 5-6 sticks depending on size and thickness.

About clear b
"clear b" designs everyday objects, and all products are handmade in cooperation with Korean artisans and craftsmen. The design of 'clear b' focuses on the 'time' and 'space' in which the object will be used and the atmosphere that encompasses that 'time' and 'space'. They propose the design that gives your space full of beauty and hope that you can feel the satisfaction of various senses with the products.