MYGA Incense



About the MYGA Incense Set

MYGA selects three high-quality Japanese incenses made with over 400 years of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and technology. The incense blended the most premium agarwood with more than ten spices. Enlighten a MYGA Agarwood Incense, you can immediately experience the mystic scent of Agarwood and picture the good old time in Hong Kong.

“玉堂香”(Light Blue)

Fresh, emphasize the spiciness of agarwood


Focus on the balance of agarwood and other spice


Strong bitterness of agarwood can be easily discovered in top note but the aftertaste is sweet. The scent is tranquillising and long-lasting which are best to waft the beautiful fragrance in your house and all around.

All Incenses are made in Japan and assembled in Hong Kong.

Available in single tubes of 10 or 20 sticks, or in a set

Set:  5 sticks per kind (15 sticks in total)


Light the top of the incense and put out the flame;

Place on MYGA Incense Holder and let the aroma diffuse.

Best to use with MYGA incense holder

Burning Time

Approximately 25 minutes.