Mix and Match Mask Series

Skin Need

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Mix and Match Mask Series - Silk / 360 Plus is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Choose the mask sheet and serum that suits you the best.
(Must be bought in a set)

Mask Sheet (8 sheets) :

Silk Mask Sheet - For all skin types and best for oily skin.

Perforated Cooling, Calming, and Lifting Delivery System. 

Protein Mask Sheet - For dry, combination and sensitive skin. 

A Jelly-like, Stretchable, and Protein Filled Mask 

BioCellulose Mask Sheet - For dry and combination skin.

Intensive Firming, Lifting & Nutrient Delivery System. Especially suitable for extremely dry skin.


360 Plus Serum - For all skin types, with firming effects

Anti-aging, smooths lines and wrinkles.

With Super Anti-oxidant Blue Copper Peptides. 

Push Up Plus Serum - For all skin types and improves pigmentation.

With Skin Illuminating Mandelic Acid. Stimulate collagen growth for firmer skin, and rejuvenate the skin for finer texture and a brighter complexion.

Oxygen Plus Serum
For all and sensitive skin types. 

Deeply calming and soothing, enhanced with skin repairing.


According to skin type and professional instructions, combine Skin Need serums and oils into this sachet and blend well. Allow mask to be activated by submerging for 30 seconds, and apply mask sheet onto skin. Leave on 15-20 minutes before removing excess serum with damp cotton. For the remaining Mask Serum, seal bag and save for use on the next day to optimize skin revitalizing effects.