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Hand Wash Refill

The stand pouch for the refilling of the fragrance hand wash that is sustainable and in consideration for the environment.

Size : 200mL

You may purchase the bottled Hand Wash here

Maghreb Bukhoor is the first fragrance of the hand care line from APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE.

The Maghreb Bukhoor Hand Wash leaves your hands moisturized and clean with aroma. It is a hand soap that you can enjoy a pleasant scent. 

With 96% natural ingredients, the liquid soap blended with four organic ingredients- lavender, oats, sage, rosemary.

Maghreb Bukhoor, a new collection. An oriental woody scent with an exotic atmosphere inspired by the setting sun of Morocco. Warm agarwood, rich rose. Sensual musk, spicy cinnamon. Sandalwood, a holy fragrance frankincense, which has long been known as a fragrance. And the mint tea blend recalls the sacred and fascinating fragrance of souks and mosques.


ACCORD- Oriental woody

NOTES- Agarwood / Frankincense / Cinnamon / Peppermint / Damascus / Rose de May / Musk / Sandalwood


Organic ingredients:
Lavender flower extract, oat hull extract, sage leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract

Skin roughening prevention ingredient:
Barley seed extract, rice bran oil, sea salt, sea water

Moisture ingredient:
Hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, brown sugar extract, squalane


How to apply
Took the appropriate amount, lather in between wet palm and please rinse thoroughly.

[Precautions for Use]
● Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
● Be careful because the container is made of glass
● Store at high or low temperature or high humidity, avoiding direct sunlight.
● Once the contents of the container, please do not return to the container.
● Do not refill other containers.