Apotheke Fragrance Brass Fragrance Oil Burner

Apotheke Fragrance

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Apotheke Fragrance Brass Fragrance Oil Burner

Fragrance oil burner co-produced with BP
When the glass warms up with the tea light candle, the fragrance expands into the air by volatilization of fragrance oil.

How To Use
Firstly, assemble the metal pedestal, then place the tea light candle on the lower row, and place the glass on the upper row.

Next, pour 60 - 80 ml water into the glass, then add 5 - 6 drops of fragrance oil or essential oils of your choice into the glass.

Finally, light the candle at the safe location and the oil/water mixture will start to heat and volatile. Enjoy the scent and light.

Product Details

  • Burn time: About 4 Hours
  • Ingredients: Main body (Brass, Stainless), Heat resistant glass, Tea light candle (made from soy-wax), Packaged in handmade kraft box
  • Origin: Japan 

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About Apotheke Fragrance
Apotheke Fragrance is a Japanese handmade fragrance brand. All products are produced, blended, packed and shipped by hand in their studio located in Chiba, Japan.

"Apotheke" derives from German, a similar meaning to "pharmacy". Founder Keita Sugasawa hopes that the fragrances he created would be stay true to customer's lifestyles, and customers would prescribe scents for their everyday lives.

A total of more than 40 scents are blended by hand with loads of trial and errors. Garian has chosen a few of our favourite scents for our customers, product ranges from candles, diffusers, room sprays, incense sticks and fragrance oils.