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Half Artist

Brand Introduction

Half Artist is a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire, guide and motivate people to live an organic lifestyle. A simple and organic lifestyle means a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to encourage people to live in an organic way, by providing the finest quality of organic skin care, hair and body products. We use the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients with proven safety information.



+ Certified Organic ingredients (raised in Gangwon-do, Korea)

We are proud of our certified organic ingredients. Uniquely, we take and source our ingredients carefully,  Lavender and Rosemary Water are bought directly from the growers in Gangwon-do, South Korea to ensure the highest quality organic floral water. Organic Floral Water is one of our brand’s key ingredients.


+ Sincerity and Expertise

All our products are natural hand-made soaps that are handcrafted lovingly, locally. <Half Artist> does not focus on mass produced commercial products that you get easily at the grocery store but makes each soap with purpose and a sense of responsibility. Therefore, each soap  has their own story.




Product details

The ‘Natural Soap Collection’ was inspired by Nature.

All our products inspired by Nature contain certified organic floral water. We use lavender and rosemary floral water, and it is all raised from Gangwon-do, South Korea. Our products are suitable for everyone! Soaps can be used for the baby and members of the family with sensitive, dry or itching skin. Everyone can use it.



‘Good Morning Soap’ will get your day off to a great fresh start with an energizing blend of essential oils and all-natural ingredients. ‘Good Morning Soap’ has gentle cleansing power as well as great moisturizing effect. We use  natural powder, natural oils and organic essential oils. Natural powder offers long- lasting shine resistance and a breathable, protective matte finish. Skin will look and feel fresh throughout the day. Also, essential oils such as Lemongrass, Rosemary and Eucalyptus can revitalize and awaken you each morning.



Night time cleansing is so important because it removes makeup, pollutants and other dirt that has been absorbed into our skin. Therefore, the ‘Good Night Soap’ we produced is suitable for deep-cleansing! You can easily remove your makeup and even calm acne. We use natural powder, natural oils and essential oils. Jojoba oil are good for preventing dry skin, and also shea butter are used. Essential oils such as Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon and clary sage will help you to relax. It ensures that you get a healthy sleep. Our ‘Good night soap’ can be used for both your face and body. Taking a shower at night with our ‘Good night soap’ will help you regain high spirits and endurance, especially after a stressful and exhausting day. Let it work its magic overnight.





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