Clear b | Small Glass Incense Burner

Clear b


This is a series of incense burners manufactured by lamp working technique using borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant glass. With the concept of 'meditation', this product focuses on the 'time' and 'place' used as well as the basic functions. As users watch the incense burn and burn with a clear glass incense burner, iis special in that you can enjoy the time of meditation not only by smell but also visually.

The incense burners are designed in the shape of a bowl so that the ashes naturally gather. After burning incense, you can feel the aftertaste of the incense through the collected ashes.

The Bodha Ritual Incense with Clear b Incense Burner would be a prefect combination to enjoy your relaxing day. 

Product Details:

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size : Ø 80 x H 40 (mm)

Made in Korea.

Clear b is a glass object brand developed through KCDF star product development in 2017.